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Luisenstraße 116
42103 Wuppertal

Ute Völker_Akkordeon
lebt in Wuppertal
Musiklehrerin an der Musikschule Bochum
Akkordeon- und Tonsatzstudium an der Musikhochschule Köln / Abteilung Wuppertal und anschließend Musikwissenschaften an den Universitäten Köln, Wien und Paris
gastiert regelmäßig bei internationalen Festivals für improvisierte Musik als Solistin oder in Adhoc Besetzungen
Arbeitet in interdisziplinären Projekten zusammen mit bildenen Künstlern, Literaten, Tänzer und Schauspielern

Robert Dick_Composer, Flutist
ist bekannt für seine Konzerte und Aufnahmen zeitgenössischer Musik, für seine Kompositionen und Methodikbücher, aber nur wenige kennen ihn als Lehrer und Spieler klassischer Musik. Robert Dick, klassisch ausgebildeter Flötist und Musiker, hat bei erstklassigen Lehrern in Amerika, wie Julius Baker, Thomas Nyfenger und James Pappoutsakis studiert. Fünf Jahre war er Soloflötist in der Brooklyn Philharmonie in New York City und er hat Flötenrezitale, die klassisches und zeitgenössisches Repertoire verbinden, in ganz Amerika, Deutschland und Frankreich gespielt

“… a flutist whose technical resources and imagination seem limitless.”
Allan Kozinn, New York Times

“He is one of those rare creators (think of Liszt with the piano or Paganini with the violin) who have effectively reinvented his instrument, creating an entire glossary of fresh techniques.”
Tim Page, Washington Post

“The sounds are volcanic and beautiful.”
Tages-Anzeiger, Zürich

Robert Dick’s contributions to the development of the flute and its music are profound. He is known worldwide as the flute’s visionary, the leading voice in the instrument’s new music. Soloist, composer, teacher, author and inventor, Dick has performed his music worldwide.

With equally deep roots in classical music old and new and in free improvisation and new jazz, Robert Dick has established himself as an artist who has not only mastered, but redefined the flute. Listening to him play solo has been likened to the experience of hearing a full orchestra. Robert plays the flute like it’s a human powered synthesizer responding to his impulses. His sound can be thick chords one instant, then chromatic percussion, then delicate whispering filigrees, then a display of surprising power. His performances include flute (with his invention, the Glissando Headjoint®), piccolo, alto flute, and bass flutes in C and F and the giant, stand-up contrabass flute.

Primary performance projects currently are:

SOLO RECITALS of original compositions for flutes, selected from Dick’s thirty years of creating music – repertoire ranges from the now classic Afterlight, to the science fiction scenario of IF for amplified bass flute in F, to the performance art combination of poetry and acting with flute performance of everyone@universe.existence.

DUO CONCERTS with pianist Ursel Schlicht - collaborative repertoire and works by both artists.

SoundCarrier – RD, flutes; Miya Masaoka, koto; Satoshi Takeishi, drums; Ursel Schlicht, piano; Isaac Jaffe, bass. A new band! An astonishing sound – world music in space. SoundCarrier will be creating an utter re-imagining of Miles Davis’ legendary Bitches Brew.

Dick lives in New York City and is on the faculty of New York University and the City University of New York (CUNY) Graduate Center. He holds a B.A. from Yale University and an M.M. in composition from the Yale School of Music.

He has had a major impact on flute playing everywhere because of his pedagogy, including countless masterclasses throughout the Americas, Europe, Australia and Asia, the seminal books The Other Flute, Tone Development through Extended Techniques and Circular Breathing for the Flutist plus two volumes of the etudes Flying Lessons. Instructional CDs and DVDs illuminate his pieces for students and professionals everywhere.

As a composer, he has received prestigious awards and fellowships, including the Guggenheim Fellowship and a Koussevitsky Foundation of the Library of Congress commission. He writes chamber music as well as his renowned solo works, his newest pieces being “Startling Stories” for woodwind quintet and “Gravity’s Ghost” for piccolo solo.

A look at Dick’s discography reveals a musician of major creative scope, with over twenty CDs of original solo and chamber works and collaborations with fellow creative musicians. Other CDs feature music by Telemann (the Fantasies for flute alone) and Jimi Hendrix. Dick’s newest recording is Photosphere, in which he and pianist Ursel Schlicht musically reinvent the flute and piano duo.

As an improvisor, Dick has performed and New Winds, Tambastics, Oscura Luminosa, the Soldier String Quartet, the A.D.D. Trio, Paul Giger and Satoshi Takeishi, Jaron Lanier, Randy Raine-Reusch and Barry Guy, Mari Kimura, Steve Gorn, Georg Gräwe, John Zorn and many more of Europe and America's finest improvisors. He has also collaborated with Steve Lacy, George Lewis, Evan Parker, Malcolm Goldstein, Shelly Hirsch and Jöelle Leandre.

Robert Dick’s multifaceted musical life includes work on redesigning the flute itself. His invention, the “Glissando Headjoint”, does for the flute what the “whammy bar” does for the electric guitar. Dick performs on a special flute that Bickford Brannen built for him. This flute has a myriad of new musical possibilities and many of Dick’s recent compositions embrace these freedoms. Dick also has a relationship with Emerson Musical Instruments, which produces the Robert Dick Model bass flute. The goal of this bass flute, which Dick plays in his concerts alongside of the unique Brannen, is to be a powerful, rich-toned yet modestly priced instrument.

Dick has authored and published, on his Multiple Breath Music imprint, a number of seminal works for contemporary flute: The Other Flute: A Performance Manual of Contemporary Techniques; Tone Development Through Extended Techniques; Circular Breathing for the Flutist; and Flying Lessons: Six Contemporary Concert Etudes (Volumes I and II). Translations are published in German (Zimmermann), Dutch (Molenaar), Italian (Ricordi) and Spanish (Mundi Musica). These books on contemporary flute technique are the acknowledged standard in the field.