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Carlos Zingaro has performed with a wide variety of improvising musicians and composers, including: Barre Phillips, Daunik Lazro, Derek Bailey, Joëlle Léandre, Jon Rose, Peter Kowald, John Butcher, Mark Dresser, John Zorn, Roger Turner, Hans Reichel, Dominique Regef, Evan Parker, Günter Müller, Mats Gustafsson, Agusti Fernandez, Paul Lovens, etc.. In 1979, thanks to a Fulbright Grant was invited by the Creative Music Foundation in Woodstock, New York to participate in meetings, classes and performances with such composers as Anthony Braxton, Roscoe Mitchell, George Lewis, Leo Smith, Tom Cora and Richard Teitelbaum (a regular collaborator).

As a soloist, or with other musicians and composers, C. Zingaro has performed at many of the most important new music and improvising festivals in Europe, Asia and America. A substantial level of C. Zingaro's musical activities are associated with theatre, film and dance. He has also been stage and costume designer for several other theatre productions. He has produced several film scores and worked extensively with dancers and dance companies such as the Gulbenkian Dance Company, the Opéra de Genève Dance Company, Francis Plisson, Ludger Lamers, Isabelle Schad, Vasco Wellencamp, Vera Mantero, and Olga Roriz.

C. Zingaro was a founding member of the Lisbon-based art gallery Comicos, his work has been exhibited, and he has received several prizes for his cartoons, comics and illustrations, samples of which can be seen on a number of CD sleeves, for example, Musiques de Scène, Release from Tension, Cyberband, The Sea Between.

Actual formations
: T.E.C.K. String 4Tet - Tomas Ulrich - cello, Elliot
Sharp - guitars, Carlos "Zingaro" - violin, Ken Filliano - d.bass
ZFProject - Simon H. Fell - d.bass, Carlos "Zingaro" - violin /
laptop, Marcio Mattos - cello / electronics, Mark Sanders - drms /
perc TRIO Norbert Moslang (electronics) + Roger Turner
(percussion) + Carlos "Zingaro" - violin / laptop SPECTRUM TRIO -
Wilbert DeJoode (d.bass), Dominique Regef (hurdy gurdy), Carlos
"Zingaro" - violin PUNCTUAL TRIO - Lou Malozzi (electronics),
Fred Lomberg-Holm (cello), Carlos "Zingaro" - violin / laptop

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