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Ricardo Tejero_saxes, clarinet
Ofir Klemperer_
keyboard, vocal, computer
Mikael Szafirowski _
electric guitar, cavaccinio, vocals
Yedo Gibson Blumenthal_
Soprano and Tenor saxophone, Eb clarinet

Three musicians from different parts of the world. playing free music. anti music, antifree, and music.
They met in Den Haag Royal Conservatory at the beginning of 2006, and they have been playing since.
The interest of the band is purely to find honest musical moments, in the inspiration of the background from our countries and the life that we share together.

In Den Haag, we are taking a big part of the Royal Improvisers Orchestra of Den Haag, an orchestra of 26 musicians, where we play and conduct improvised pieces.
During 2007, Ricardo came as a guest to conduct the orchestra, and joined No Habla Catalan.

Ricardo Tejero_saxes, clarinet _
Born in Madrid , Spain. Saxophonist, clarinettist and composer.
Mainly interested in free jazz and free improvisation but still believe that any music can move him and fascinate him.
He began as a self-taught musician. He started playing improvised music in 1997 in Madrid with the ensemble "Soplathat", which he co-founded, while studying with Wade Mathews and Chefa Alonso, at the same time as he was playing with latin bands like "La Moderna", in Spanish popular music orchestras like "Vallecas Big Band" and other ad hoc jazz ensembles.
He lives in England since 2001 where he played with the quintet "Needs Must" (Leeds) which he co-founded together with drummer Neil Thomas and bass James Paylor.
Member of "Musicalibre", Spanish Association of Improvise Music, where he is part of the organization board for the annual International Festival Hurta Cordel.
Member of FOCO Orchestra since 1999( Spanish Improvised Music Orchestra), with whom he played during the last 9 years and participated in several editions of the international festival Hurta Cordel and other concerts throughout Spain under the conduction of Butch Morris, Walter Thomson, Michael Fischer, Dave tucker, Olivier Benoit, Le Qua Ninh, or Wolfgang Fusch.
Since 2005 he established in London where he keeps very active in the london improvisation scene playing with his own quintet “Ensemble Progresivo” ( Marcio Mattos, Javier Carmona, Adrian Northover and Alison Blunt), with whom he recently released the album “Progressions” , and also collaborating with other musicians like Dave Tucker, Roland Ramanan, Robert Jarvis, Dominic Lash, Steve Noble, Tony Marsh, Ian Smith, Frank Charlton, Mark Sanders, Nick Stevens, Joel Bell or Andrew Melville.
Member of LIO ( London Improvisers Orchestra).
Other projects include:
No Habla Catalan. Playing with Amsterdam based trio: Gibson, Szafirowski and Kemplerer.
Roland Ramanan Tentet . (They will release their first CD next autumn)
Duo Tucker-Tejero with English guitarist, and bass player Dave Tucker
ESP. Sextet where we explored the hybrid existence of compositon and improvisation. It is formed by Sarah Robins, Joel Bell, Steve Gansby, Andrew Mellville, Tom Lawrence, and Olivier Leaman
He has played in the festivals:
Hurta Cordel 2006-2007-2008 (Madrid, Spain), Vallecas Jazz Festival 1999 (Madrid) Bohman’s Festival (London) 2008, Fusseleeds 2005 (Leeds, UK), Forum Improvisation Festival 2008 (Brussels).

Ofir Klemperer_
keyboard, vocal,
Coming from Israel, living in Den Haag, Netherlands. making tape pieces, Hebrew songs, writing compositions for different people and playing with different musicians and artists in Den Haag.

Mikael Szafirowski _electric guitar, cavaccinio, vocals_
A Finnish bike messenger-musician lost in Europe. Curious, confused, easily excitable, occasionally disciplined. Gradually more free in mind and location, relentlessly pursuing happiness.
Pclayed in the soulful duo from Helsinki, Finland- Chea & Kunga. the Music is based on improvisation and contains great variety of musical styles and ideas. Instruments are mostly guitars, drums, percussion and vocals. Mikael has played also in groups Ndioba & Topoto Band (Senegalese pop-music) and Hanuman Orkestra (circus-jazz band with african and eastern flavor).

Yedo Gibson Blumenthal_saxes, Eb clarinet_
Born in San Paulo, Brazil, 1981. And started his music carrier in 1995 playing Brazilian traditional music. On 2000 started a duo with the drummer Antonio "Panda" Gianfratti, making improvised music. Then he started his own ensemble The Abaetetuba together with Panda's collaboration. This group had free improvisation as a principal characteristic and individual ideas working in collaboration with the other members of the group have created a unique form of conception. In 2004 he came to Europe to look for more people involved in Improvised and contemporary music. His first place in Europe was London, where he played with musicians such as John Edwards, Marcio Mattos, Veryan Weston, Steve Noble, Dominic Lash, Mark Sanders, Martin Blume, Steve Beresford. Last year, Yedo came to live in The Netherlands where he has been working a lot as a free improviser. Now He is also starting new projects like a quartet with Martin Blume, Marcio Mattos and Veryan Weston and a trio with Mark Sanders and Marcio Mattos.

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