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do lado da voz (beside the voice) is a concept that appeared on the changeable territory between experimental and popular music, between improvisation and composition, between music and theater. It focuses the form "song" on its periphery: through process and materials such as strangeness , reiteration, silence, displacement, time dilation, noise, reduced theatrical actions, displacement of the song discourse's center, revisited so that its characteristic emotionality changes into a vehicle to other forms of perception.
The project, that assumed different forms during the last 10 years and was performed in various formations, began in the 90s with Chico Mello’s de-composition from old Brazilian songs of various eras: "His novel and sometimes startling arrangements alter the songs’ tempi, break their rhythm with pauses and repetitions, add samples of old recordings, and juxtapose instrumental dissonance against lyrical vocals, taking the songs out of their original contexts and transforming them into essentially new (re)creations" (Daniella Thompson).
Working along with the actress and singer Fernanda Farah, the concept was once again displaced and recreated. Her work on a theatrical language sometimes reduced to imperceptible gestures refers a "minor theatricality" that coexists in a quite natural way "beside the voice", or perhaps "beside the theater".

Fernanda Farah was born in 1975 in Curitiba, Brazil. Works with Contemporary Musical Theather and Performances. Fernanda Farah has aquired a multiple education in Brazil (in theatre, music, dancing and singing). She has worked in Films whith Guido Viaro and Luciano Coelho ; in Music whith Chico Mello, Antoine Beuger , Cristoph Kurzmann; in Musical Theather whith Christian Kesten, Steffi Weismann, Daniel Ott ; in Theather whith Antunes Filho, Felipe Hirsch, Carla Bessa, among others.

Chico Mello was born in Curitiba, Brazil. Studied music and medicine in Curitiba. Composition studies in São Paulo with J. Penalva and H.J. Koellreuter and in Berlin with Dieter Schnebel and W. Szalonek. Indian music with Amelia Cuni.
Experimental, popular, and music theater works with groups in Brasil and German as composer, instrument performer and singer.
His work has been performed in new music festivals such as Donaueschinger Musiktagen, Stille Music-Boswil, Switzerland, Festival International de Musique Eletroacustique- Bourges, France, Bienal de Música Contemporânea, Rio de Janeiro.
Co-operation with u.o. Silvia Ocougne, Daniel Ott, Dieter Schnebel, Arnold Dreyblatt, Wandelweiser Composers Ensemble.
Curator of the contemporary music secction of the “Oficina de Música de Curitiba” and from the “Escuta” festival, Rio de Janeiro.

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