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A bold, contemporary project that uses free improvisation as a way to fuse music and poetry, voice and music.

Five years of continuous activity have given this quintet a solidity that is hard to come by in the world of cutting-edge artistic formations. Sin Red has appeared in multiple, varied contexts, from performances with other musicians, poets, dancers and actors to the numerous workshops given and to the probing adventures of the quintet’s own performances.

The originality of the Sin Red project has led to its performing over 50 concerts in festivals throughout Spain, France, Austria and Brazil. In 2006 they were chosen by the Instituto Cervantes as one of the outstanding groups on the new music/poetry scene, and they subsequently played in several of the Institute's centres in Europe and America.

The creative work of Sin Red goes beyond the fusing of music and poetry, which serve as a backdrop for the group's radical, contemporary expressiveness, always of an improvisational nature. There are no scores, nor is anything planned beforehand. Poetry and music dissolve into each other, turning to dust and coming back to life in the rewriting of the voices and the instruments. They lead us on an adventure of freedom and risk-taking of which the audience feels part. The exceptional rapport and communication between the members allows them to act and interact with an immediacy that is by turns virtuosic or subtle, and which channels their collective energy into infinite nuances.

Sin Red has also carried out an extensive series of workshops for artists - from the most varied fields and disciplines - interested in improvisation.
They have recently recorded a CD.

Chefa Alonso_perc_soprano sax _A Coruña, Spain
She has been practising and teaching improvised music since 1995, as well as composition and performance of music for theatre and dance. As a member of the colective Músicalibre, she has organized the annual International Festival of Improvised Music Hurta Cordel and she coordinated the VII and VIII edition (2003 and 2004). She has played with prominent musicians of the international circuits of improvised music: Vanessa Mackness, John Edwards, Steve Noble, John Russel, Lou Grassi, Ute Voelker, Co Straiff, Pelayo Arrizabalaga, etc, all over the world: England, Switzerland, France, Germany, United States, Canada, Spain, etc. She has played in international improvisation festivals as Freedon of the city (London), WIM (Switzerland), Dresden (Germany), Hurta Cordel, Gaudi Festival, Escucha, (Spain), etc.

She is currently living in London and she is doing a PHD about free improvisation and composition at Brunel University for which she has a scholarship of The Spanish Ministry of Culture. She is a membership of LIO (London Improvisers Orchestra).

Ildefonso Rodriguez_sax_clar_poetry
A writer and a musician, he is dedicated to jazz and improvised music. He is a member of the colective Músicalibre. As a writer he has published several books of poetry and fiction. He was awarded with the prize Rafael Alberti for his book Mis animales obligatorios. He has also published an essay about music and poetry, El jazz en la boca.
He has performed in several festivals of improvisation as Hurta Cordel, Madrid, WIM, Switzerland, Gaudi Festival or Escucha. He has played with musicians of the circuits of improvised music: John Butcher, Phill Durrant, Mick Beck, Dave Tucker, Ramón López, Paul Hession, Pelayo Arrizabalaga, etc. He has performed with different orchestras conducted by Peter Kowald, Butch Morris, Wolfgang Fuchs, Walter Thompson and Steve Beresford. He directs a workshop of improvised music at the municipal School of Music. (León).

Victor M. Diez_poetry
As an action poet he has frequently interacted with musicians: El espejo Soñado, En Crudo. He is a member of the colective Músicalibre. He has performed with prominent musicians of the European circuits of improvised music; Peter Kowald, Evan Parker, Lol Coxhill, Christoph Irmer, Mick Beck o Jean Pallandre. He has performed in different orchestras conducted by Butch Morris, Walter Thompson. In 2004 he was invited to perform with the London Improvisers Orchestra.
He worked in the organization of the I International Festival of Improvised Music "Gaudi", 2002, as well as the Festival of Improvised music “Hurta Cordel”, Madrid, Casa Encendida. He has written several poetry books: Evaporado va (León 1996), finalist of the XII poetry prize Provincia de León; Cordura Abajo (Valladolid 1996) , he was awarded with the prize Letras jovenes De Castilla y León ; Circo Varado (Oviedo 1999) ; Oido en Tierra, VI poetry prize Ciudad de Mérida., Voz fuera de campo (Barcelona 2004), Ser no representable (Mérida 2004).

Cova Villegas_voc
As a jazz singer she has performed with the groups, "El combo de Sara","Quinteto de jazz nocturno", "En trio". At the present moment she is leader of the jazz group "Quinteto Cova Villegas". She has sung and recited poetry in "Costra y Lámpara", video, poetry and music, as well as singing with different orchestras conducted by Peter Kowald, Butch Morris, Wolfgang Fuchs, Dave Tucker, David Leahy.
She has also participated in workshops of improvised music with musicians such as Vanessa Mackness, John Butcher, Phil Durrant, etc..
She has performed with musicians of the European circuits of improvised music, Christine Wodraska, Ute Woelker, Mick Beck, Paul Hession, Gunda Gottschalk. She is a member of Músicalibre.

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