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Mehr eine Lebenserfahrung vermittelnd als darstellend lädt Inexhib ein zu einer intimen Reflexion über die Wahrnehmung des Körpers durch die Gesellschaft. Über eine radikale "Ent-blößung", intensiven Körperkontakt und tranceähnliche Zustände werden metaphysische Sichtweisen der menschlichen Existenz freigesetzt.

Frédéric Etcheverry & Gloria Aras
Das Künstlerduo und Paar Frédéric Etcheverry & Gloria Aras, seit 1993 künstlerische Leiter der international bekannten Gruppe „Pesce Crudo“, gründete 2003 im Zuge eines Paradigmen-wechsels ETXEA – mit dem Ziel, als Paar in einem persönlicheren und experimentelleren Rahmen arbeiten zu können. Mit ihren Interventionen distanzieren sich Frédéric Etcheverry & Gloria Aras von gängigen Definitionen darstellender Bühnenkunst wie Theater, Tanz oder Akrobatik zugunsten einer intensiven Be-ziehung zum Zuschauer. In Form gemeinsam gelebter Rituale, schweigend – ohne Texte, Lichtspiele oder Klangkompositionen– nähern sie sich existentiellen Fragen im Zustand kon-trollier-ter Trance und in Körperkontakt mit ihrem Publikum.

An empty room. There is no defined acting area and the audience can move
around freely. A man and a woman walk around in silence. Boxes hide their
heads, they are blind and they feel their way along. Their hands are gloved and
not even a millimetre of their skin is visible. Confronted with their own
imprisonment, with the space and the audience, they proceed to strip off until
they are naked. Then begins a ritual trance in which their bodies are projected
through the space, over the walls and among the audience, who do not remain
simple spectators but are invited to take part in this ritual. (duration: 45 min)
"It is more a life experience than a show. A very personal work
nourished on the symbiotic relationship that links us and on the questions we
ask ourselves about society's perception of the exposed, unclothed body
presented in its original purity. We reveal our nakedness, in all senses
of the word. It is an intense body-to-body, a trance that strips us down from
the inside and takes us on a trip close to psychoanalytic regression."
Fr?d?ric ETCHEVERRY, extracts from an interview by Th. VOISIN for L'EXPRESS
The naked body is the raw material of this creation. The duo performs in
an empty room, in silence without text or music, using the venue in its basic
state without set, props or stage lighting. This performance is a reflection on
identity that utilises nudity in this sense. When the body is no longer disguised,
nothing defines it in social terms. The same goes for a room emptied of all
furniture and objects. Emptiness and nudity are then propitious for a
metaphysical vision of our existence.
You can watch a video of extracts from the first performance on Internet.
This was the first public test and since then the work has progressed a lot, especially
the contact with the audience. It will however give you an idea of what Inexhib can be.

Frederic ETCHEVERRY and Gloria ARAS GASENT founded ETXEA
in PARIS in 2003. Frederic is French and his wife Gloria is Spanish. They are
partners on stage and in life, living and working together since 1993.
For over 10 years they lived a wonderful artistic and human adventure
directing the PESCE CRUDO Group and performing all over Europe as well as in
Asia, Brazil and Australia. Fr?d?ric ETCHEVERRY founded this group in 1990
and from 1993 directed it with Gloria ARAS. The human body and objects are
the raw material of their work and they do not use text. Their artistic
expression borrows from mime, theatre of objects, dance and acrobatics. Their
creations explore a non-stage relationship with their audiences, who are always
actively involved and free to move around a monumental structure that they
appropriate. Their shows have always been an invitation to reflect together on
the human condition and life in society. In 2003 they decided to transform the
PESCE CRUDO Group into the ETXEA duo so as to devote themselves to
working as a couple, a more personal and experimental approach.
Frederic ETCHEVERRY & Gloria ARAS artistic research is evolving
towards a personal form of corporal self-expression. They no longer wish to
define it in terms of theatre, dance, mime or acrobatics but prefer to talk about
presence, simplicity, contact and interaction. Their intention is not to produce
shows to be watched but to create authentic moments to be experienced
together. They do not want to isolate themselves on a stage; in their creations,
actors and audience share the same space and encounter each other in the
course of a real-time ritual. In this structured improvisation they do not play
characters, they act out their own roles in an inner journey that they live out
intensely through a controlled trance. Their communication is nourished on
visions, symbols, sensations and questionings that they wish to share. To
express this unspeakable they have chosen to stay mute and to communicate
silently their artist's way of seeing our human condition.
INEXHIB (created in 2004) is the ETXEA duo's first production
Since January 2005 the duo are resident artists at the AGITAKT Theatre in
PARIS, which is devoted to multidiscipline creations exploring the
actors/audience relationship. Thanks to this residency, ETXEA is continuing its
research and will soon be presenting new experiments and creations.